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A Baby Crawled On Stage At Concert In Seattle

Concert etiquette has been a bit off since the pandemic. Fans hold their phones up to record the whole show, some chuck cameras at the performer on the stage. However, at the show for the South Korean K-pop group NMIXX on Tuesday (May 2) in Seattle, Washington, something even more unexpected happened.

A video of a baby — yes, a human baby — crawling onto the stage in the midst of the concert went viral on Twitter. Member Kyujin looked concerned as she hurried to pick up the baby and hand it to the mother at the edge of the stage. However, the area is so crowded and everyone’s hands are reaching for the star — it’s chaos.

An attendee shared more about the situation in a Twitter thread, explaining that the mother kept the baby in its stroller by security with noise-canceling headphones for most of the performance, until the baby woke up and the NMIXX members began interacting with fans.

Fans of NMIXX call out the mother in the quote-tweets for not taking the necessary precautions to keeping the baby safe at the gig. Others complain that the baby was simply a tool for the parent to get attention from the musicians. Either way, we can all agree that babies do not belong in such riled-up, frenzied environments. Simple concert etiquette!

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