‘Eddington’: everything we know about Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone’s horror western

Emma Stone won her second Oscar for best actress just a few weeks ago, but the protagonist of Poor Creatures (2024), which is now available in Spain through Disney+, is immersed in her new projects: she will release Kinds in the coming months of Kindess , the latest from Yorgos Lanthimos, and filming has also already begun on another film,  Eddington , directed by Ari Aster, creator of Hereditary (2018) and Midsommar (2019) and which features Joaquin Phoenix and Pedro Pascal in the cast. , among other big names.

Ari Aster already worked with Joaquin Phoenix in his latest film, Beau is Afraid (2023), and now he has the Joker: Folie à Deux actor again for this contemporary western that has already begun filming, as announced by the the film’s own distributor, the company A24. It will be the director’s first foray into this genre, although he will also have many touches of horror, one of his hallmarks.

Possible synopsis of ‘Eddington’, the latest from Ari Aster

According to Ari Aster’s own statements, Eddington will revolve around the couple formed between  Lindsay and Marc, presumably Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix, who run out of gas in New Mexico on their way to Los Angeles and go in search of help to the town that gives name to the tape. In the town, the neighbors receive them in a cordial manner, although when night falls over the desert everything will turn into a nightmare.

Cast of ‘Eddington’, Ari Aster’s new film

Eddington will have the most stellar cast of Ari Aster’s entire filmography. Along with Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix, Pedro Pascal, star of The Last of Us , Austin Butler, who is triumphing at the box office with Dune 2 and in streaming with Lords of the Air , Luke Grimes ( Yellowstone ), Deirdre will also appear in the film. O’Connell ( Forget About Me!, 2004), Michael Ward ( Empire of Light ), and Clifton Collins Jr. ( Once Upon a Time in Hollywood , 2019).

Of course, the release date of Eddington is still unknown , although it is most likely that it will do so next year, since filming will last until mid- May, as planned. The script was written by Ari Aster himself and is produced by the director together with his partner Lars Knudsen through the company Square Peg.

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