Love Is Blind’s Zack Goytowski Addresses Plagiarism Claims

Of all the drama that Love Is Blind season four has brought (the Mean Girls reboot, Kwame’s growing IMDB credits, and whatever’s going on with Jackie, Marshall, and Josh), there is only one cast member brave enough to address their controversy head-on and with receipts. Zack Goytowski has taken to himself to the court of law Instagram to clear his name. During Goytowski’s proposal with Irina Solomonova, the owl lover dedicated a self-proclaimed “original song” to her, only for internet detectives to discover that he was actually singing “Sara’s Song” by Ludo. As fans began sharing the clips with the band, Ludo revealed that Love Is Blind got permission from them to include the song, so it seems everyone involved knows of the alleged plagiarism. Except, maybe it wasn’t actually plagiarism, and as a criminal defense lawyer, Goytowski is not taking these accusations lightly.

On Instagram, he posted a video with unaired clips from the pods to clear his name. “It’s kind of snowballed,” says Goytowski in the video as he sits in front of the infamous owl painting and a samurai sword. He then rolls the clip of his proposal to Solomonova where he says the song he sings is not an original song, but he has “changed around the lyrics” to a track from one of his “favorite” bands. Now that Lawyer Zack has cleared his name, he must move on to his next case: figuring out how many dating shows Kwame has applied to.

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