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9 Horror Movies You Need To See, And 7 You Really Don’t

Don’t get me wrong; I love movies about wives in spooky marriages and in unnerving settings. Almost any gothic melodrama will do it for me. And TBH, for the first two-thirds of this movie, I was ready to ignore the haters and say this movie was good and fun despite the fact that it was a little lacking. Unfortunately, the ending just did not bring it home. 

But, I still really liked a lot of the film. (The visuals, the acting, and the premise were all great.) So if you’re the kind of person who will watch a movie just for vibes, or for good acting in the face of a script that still wanted for some revisions, give it a watch!  

IF YOU LIKE: Florence Pugh being hot, Chris Pine being hot, Gemma Chan being hot, Harry Styles, or dreamy ’60s Stepford-esque dystopias, give this movie a try! 

Where to watch it: You can stream it on HBO Max. 

Honorable Mention: If you like gothic melodramas (what Don’t Worry Darling ought to have been a shining example of), some really great old movies to check out are The Innocents (1961) and Rebecca (1940).

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