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TV Shows People Think Ended Too Soon

“Now you can call me dramatic, but it won’t change that at least on a weekly to bi-weekly basis I think about who fathered Becca’s baby (I know, I know…we’re not supposed to ask her that). And I needed so badly to see someone take Lexie and Campbell down (I’d love to see Elle get some revenge on Campbell, and honestly, anyone can take Lexie down) because they were annoying. And I’d sell, like, 10% of my soul to see Grizz come back and first reunite with Sam, and secondly, to see him slap some sense into the Guard for messing up the minute he left. And then finally, where the actual hell are they? We saw the dog at the end, back home.”


“I will never shut up about that show’s awesome plot, great characters, and acting. Season 1 ended with multiple massive cliffhangers, and it got renewed for Season 2 but ended up being cancelled due to the pandemic. I would give anything to bring that show back.”


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