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TikTokers Are Trading Stanley Cups For Owala Water Bottles

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It’s the battle of the bottles, and no one is safe. While TikTok was previously inundated with glowing reviews about the Stanley cup, the tides have already started to turn. Enter the Owala water bottle. The Stanley tumblers previously earned a loyal following for their insulated stainless-steel lining and aesthetic appeal, but their hefty $40 price tag made competition inevitable. Now, TikTokers are loving the brand Owala, highlighting the wide mouth opening, strategically placed straw, and fun, minimalist colors. The $28 bottles even come with flip locks and clippable handles. But for people looking for a closer match to the Stanley cup, Owala also sells new 40 oz. tumblers available for $35.

Another major reason so many people on TikTok are moving on from their Stanley cups is because of the spill factor. When put to the test (and by that we mean flipped completely upside down on camera), Stanley simply didn’t hold up against other trendy tumblers, including the “leakproof” Owala. But even beyond that, people on TikTok say Owala water bottles just make more sense in their day-to-day lives.

One creator, a nurse named Mindy Lam, said she prefers her 32 oz. Owala at work because of its “effortless” design, with two different ways to drink, either by the built-in straw or regular opening. “I love this water bottle — it’s super nice, super easy to carry around, especially in my bag,” she said. Another TikTok user, Brenda Blanton, added that as a mom, she also prefers Owala. “I am not a Stanley cup girl . . . I have three kids,” she said. Enough said.

If you’re ready for a change, read on to see where you can shop some of our favorite Owala designs.

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