The Meaning of the Jonas Brothers’s Song Little Bird

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The Jonas Brothers’s new record, “The Album,” is full of love songs — but one song in particular has an extra sweet backstory. The song “Little Bird,” which is the 11th track, is an adorable tribute to the brothers’ kids.

The first line, “Came in the world, my baby girl / Beautiful angel / Oh, I could cry, got your mother’s kind eyes,” immediately sets the tone for the song, which is all about the brothers wanting the best for their children. Each brother is a father to daughters — Kevin and his wife Danielle Jonas welcomed Alena Rose in 2014 and Valentina Angelina in 2016; Joe and Sophie Turner welcomed Willa in 2020 and a daughter whose name hasn’t yet been revealed in 2022; and Nick and Priyanka Chopra’s daughter Malti Marie was born in 2022. “Please just keep me in your heart / When you fly into somebody else’s arms, little bird,” Joe and Nick sing together in the outro, making their feelings clear.

The song seems to be especially meaningful for the brothers. In a January interview with Variety, when asked about his favorite track on the album, Nick said, “I’m torn between ‘Little Bird,’ which is a song about parenthood that will affect people in different ways, and ‘Waffle House.'”

Kevin also gave the song a special shoutout on Twitter. “Could not be more excited to share this new chapter with all of you,” he wrote on the album’s release date, May 12. “Working on THE ALBUM has been such a fulfilling process and bringing songs like ‘Vacation Eyes’ and ‘Little Bird’ to life has been so special.”

As it turns out, “Little Bird” also seems beloved by at least one of the people it’s about. In a TikTok shared by Kevin Jonas, his daughter Valentina tells him that “Little Bird” is her favorite song on the album. When her dad asks why, she says, “Because it’s about us!” When Kevin asks if she’s sure, Valentina nods and points to his tattoo of a bird, and then confirms that the bird represents her and her sister, Alena.


Valentina’s thoughts on #THEALBUM 🐣 #littlebird

♬ Little Bird – Jonas Brothers

Grab some tissues and watch the official lyric video below.

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