Taylor Swift Fans Made A Book A Bestseller By Mistake

The story starts when just days ago, Taylor Swift fans stumbled across a promotional teaser for a book from the publishing imprint, Flatiron. It was for a book, but what was strange was that, despite being scheduled to release in July, there were no details about the title or author — leading many to speculate it was something big and secretive.

Over the weekend, Swift officially announced her next re-recording, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), to drop on July 7. In her announcement post, she also threw in a “Last Kiss” reference to July 9, with an “IYKYK,” and one to the Midnights track, “Dear Reader.” The book that Swifties found online is also scheduled to drop on the latter date.

To make things stranger, it had been rumored that whoever this author (or authors were) would be announcing the book on June 13 — Swift’s notable lucky number. The only real information about the memoir also was that it was 544 pages. (5+4+4 equals 13.) Oh, and there’s an audiobook component, that’s also… 13 hours long.

The last little bit of speculation was that in Swift’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” re-recording music video, the ending sees her reading from a book she wrote.

This alone was enough to send some Swifties to the website to buy the pop star’s potential book. A hardcover copy is currently $45. And the sales were so impactful that whatever this ends up being is currently a bestseller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It might not be for much longer, though. Variety confirmed that Swift is not writing a memoir, leaving fans who made the purchase either with a new book or a sudden return.

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