Skol! Sweden Wins Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Swedish singer Loreen has long been a front-runner for 2023’s Eurovision Song Contest (she placed first in our very own ranking of this year’s songs), and she indeed clinched the historic victory on Saturday. The singer became just the second contestant in Eurovision’s history to win twice — she previously won back in 2012 with “Euphoria.” “Before ‘Euphoria,’ I was a struggling artist trying to find my way,” Loreen told CNN. “It’s like home for me, the Eurovision community. It’s a safe space for me.” Loreen’s entry for this year, “Tattoo,” scored 583 points, beating out 25 other countries. The contest was held this year in Liverpool, UK on behalf of last year’s winners, Ukraine. Traditionally, the country that wins the contest hosts the following year’s event, but Ukraine was declared too dangerous amid the Russian invasion to host the contest. Loreen’s win, of course, means that next year’s contest will be held in Sweden, home to so many giants of modern pop music. Mark your calendars, and catch Loreen’s winning song below.

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