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Shaq Got Charles Barkley To Say ‘Genitals’ On TV

One fun element of Inside the NBA is that they’re pretty good at incorporating tweets from people who are watching the show. As they explained to us earlier this year, they’re constantly on the search for stuff that makes their broadcast a little better, as they’ll find a good and relevant tweet, put it up on the screen, and get the guys to react to it without knowing what’s coming.

The best stuff in this segment is, as always, the stuff that makes the dudes on set laugh the most. We got a pretty good example of that on Friday night after Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, as a conversation about the Denver Nuggets led to someone with the username “Jenna Tuhls” tweeting at the gang with a gif of someone dipping a chicken nugget into some sauce.

Charles Barkley was sidetracked by the choice in sauce, which got him to say the user’s name. Shaquille O’Neal, meanwhile, picked up on the name right after Chuck said it, and made it a point to get him to say it again while he laughed hysterically on his side of the desk.

“Oh my god,” Barkley said as Shaq laughed. “You’re such an idiot.” Anyway, they did, indeed, also talk about basketball on Friday’s show.

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