Scandoval Celebrity Reaction Round Up

The fate of our nation hangs in the balance: none of the stars of Vanderpump Rules have signed contracts for season 11. Executive producer Alex Baskin told Variety that he believes the cast will “need a minute” before they resume filming. “No one’s saying no, I’ll say that — but I think it’s hard for anybody to say yes right now, because they feel like they haven’t gotten any reprieve.” Apparently this month’s reunion episodes will bring revelations that the cast may need time to process before they decide to re-up with Bravo.

Know who cares deeply about this news? The celebs. Scandoval has shocked every level of society, including the famouses. “I’m so interested in Vanderpump Rules, and I dreamt about Ariana last night,” Molly Shannon told Jimmy Kimmel in March. “I had a dream a dream that I was like ‘It’ll be okay,’ just last night.” Shannon is far from the only “real” celeb who is transfixed by the reality stars and their big break up. Jennifer Lopez cares, Michael Rapaport won’t shut up about it, and Roy Wood Jr. is… at least aware of what’s going on. Below is a mere smattering of all the celebs who have weighed in on Scandoval.

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