Quentin Tarantino Might ‘Remake’ ’70s Movies From Final Film

Quentin Tarantino is working on his 10th movie, which he claims will also be his final movie as a director. He could change his mind at any moment and decide the time is right for his unrealized Iron Man project. I’m sure Marvel wouldn’t mind. But as of now, his final film is set to be The Movie Critic, which is believed to be “set in late 1970s Los Angeles with a female lead at its center.” Little else is known, other than what writer and director Paul Schrader revealed in an interview with Indiewire’s Filmmaker Toolkit podcast.

“Quentin [Tarantino] — this may have changed — but about a month ago he was making a film, had something to do with filmmaking in the ’70s,” the Master Gardener filmmaker said. “And part of this, he’s going to use clips from movies from the ’70s, but he’s also gonna remake movies from the ’70s. And he asked me, ‘Can I redo the ending of Rolling Thunder?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, go for it. I’d love to see you redo the ending of Rolling Thunder.’ Who knows whether he actually will or not. But it was something that was tickling his imagination in a very Tarantino-esque way.”

Two things:

1. Rolling Thunder is not only the partial name of a Bob Dylan tour, it’s also a 1977 thriller starring William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones; I don’t know how Tarantino plans to “remake” it, as well as other films from the decade, but I’m fascinated to find out.

2. The guy who wrote Taxi Driver is allowed to say “Tarantino-esque” without irony, but no one else.

(Via Indiewire)

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