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Lizzo Says No More Chris Evans Posters At Shows

Lizzo took to social media to give fans a PSA: no more Chris Evans posters at her show. During a video she shared to Instagram that was taken at a recent concert, Lizzo stopped the show to thank fans who brought pictures of her actual boyfriend instead.

“I think it was the last show I just played, some had a big ass cutout of Chris Evans’ face,” Lizzo started.

“Chris Evans is not my man,” she added. “My man is [Myke Wright]. He fine as hell. I wanna see his fine ass face when I’m onstage.”

And, it turns out, some fans listened — with two giant cutouts of Wright’s face as they stood at barricade.

“PLEASE don’t keep bringing giant pics of my man I don’t have enough storage,” Lizzo captioned the post. “Thank you Rene & Lucy!”

As some fans might remember, or those unaware who need a refresher, Lizzo’s history with Evans started back in 2021 after she revealed that she drunkenly tried sliding into the actor’s DM’s. Lizzo detailed the encounter on TikTok, but at the time, he hadn’t returned a message until her video went viral.

“The reason I’m upset about this one is because I know I’m not going to be able to marry him,” she said in the clip. “And honestly, it hurts me to the core, because damn, papa, he a rare breed! No comparing!”

“No shame in a drunk DM. God knows I’ve done worse on this app,” Evans wrote back.

Check out Lizzo’s hilarious video message about her preference for posters above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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