LeBron James May Have Went After JaMychal Green On IG

In the aftermath of the Los Angeles Lakers taking down the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs, LeBron James took a few not so subtle shots at Dillon Brooks on social media. While he didn’t have as prominent of an antagonist during the Lakers’ Western Conference Semifinal series against the Golden State Warriors, he still seems like he used social media as a way to clap back at someone.

One of the big talking points in the series was the free throw disparity, with Warriors coach Steve Kerr alleging that the Lakers flopped. After James responded by saying they don’t do that, JaMychal Green posted the following on his Instagram Story:

James never responded to this while the series was ongoing, but one day after the Lakers won Game 6 to eliminate the Warriors and make the Western Conference Finals, he posted the following on Instagram, which very well might have included a response to Green.

The song is “Tuscan Leather” by Drake, and includes the lyric “bench players talkin’ like starters, I hate it.” While it’s by no means as explicit of a response to someone as his posts about Brooks last round, we’re willing to bet LeBron was just as glad he got to post this one.

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