Lauren Boebert Raised Subject Of Her ‘GED,’ Misses The Point

Not too long ago, famous lipstick wearer Lauren Boebert inadvertently reminded people that she has a GED while pushing back at the idea of student loan forgiveness. Over the weekend, Boebert voluntarily reminded everyone of that GED because it was a useful reference while she criticized Kamala Harris’ public speaking skills.

Of course, Boebert misses the point while believing that her GED is why people pile onto her on a regular basis. She has frequently trashed education to the point where she called to abolish the entire education department. And given that she only acquired her GED a mere few months before being elected to Congress, her interest in pursuing it probably had little to do with actual learning. She’s also stepped in on previous occasions by proposing a lot more time for lawmakers to read bills, so there’s that.

“The same people who will try and knock me for having a GED think this lady represents intelligence and eloquence,” Boebert tweeted. “Whoever paid for her education wasted their money.”

People were quick to come for Boebert, not because she has a GED but because of her behavior as an elected official. She’s frequently combative, hops to conclusions, and launches into false equivalencies at the drop of a rootin’ tootin hat. And she may be ignoring replies on Twitter, but users let her know that the GED is definitely not the issue here.

And less tweeting and more debt-ceiling talk resumes… soon?

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