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Jury Duty’s Ronald Gladden Open to New Projects

After becoming an overnight internet sensation and a potential candidate for People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Jury Duty’s Ronald Gladden is afraid of staying in the spotlight for a little longer. Gladden told Variety in an interview that he wants to “capitalize” on the positive attention he’s received over the past month. “As of right now, I can’t give you anything concrete, because we’re still having those discussions,” he explains. “I would love to be on something else. I am not opposed to staying in this world.” Could Gladden become the next James Bond? Variety did say that a relatively unknown man in his 30s is being considered for the role, and after his time on Jury Duty, he seems like he’s up for any challenge. Todd could be a leader at the Q Branch, creating the next chair pants 2.0 and Barbara can be the next Bond girl. As long as Gladden is in on the joke, he’ll have his martini shaken and not stirred.

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