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‘Jury Duty’ Star Ronald Gladden Reacts to Being Summoned to Actual Jury Duty

Looks like it’s back to the courtroom for Ronald Gladden — and this time for real.

The accidental TV star could be getting a new juror number after he shared in an Instagram story on May 19 that he was summoned to jury duty. Gladden, known as Juror Number 6, became the breakout and beloved star of Amazon Freevee’s hit comedy series “Jury Duty.” In the show, he believes he’s being selected for a civil suit only to discover that the judge and case are fake.

“Coincidental timing?” Gladden wrote alongside a photo of his real summons and tagged the county of San Diego.

Ronald Gladden shared how he got summoned to jury duty.Instagram story/Ronald Gladden

“Jury Duty,” which also stars actor James Marsden as an egotistical version of himself, debuted in April and became a hit. As for the rest of the people involved with the case, they’re actors who present Gladden with hilarious scenarios.

“The best way I can describe it is I got ‘Truman Show’-ed in real life. That’s such a crazy thing to say,” Gladden told after the finale, before touching on the connections he made on the show. “These friendships are everything to me. These are just amazing people. They’re fun, they’re kind and that’s the one thing that I’m taking away from this.”

Gladden became involved in the show after seeing a vague Craigslist ad about serving on a jury for two weeks for a documentary. When he found out the whole thing was a lie, he said, “I could not process everything they were telling me…It was sensory overload in the sense that you can’t just tell me that my life for the last month was fake.”

“I was hung up on that for probably the longest amount of time,” he said, adding that he took time off from work following the reveal. “Every single day there would be something that just hit me, like, ‘Oh my God, was that fake? Was this an actor? Was this setup?’ It was an adjustment period, but it wasn’t ever difficult.”

Two years later since filming the show, he’s become an online sensation for how kind he was during the entire process. Most recently, Ryan Reynolds recruited Gladden for a hilarious Mint Mobile commercial.

Marsden even reacted to Gladden’s latest gig, commenting on Reynolds’ Instagram, “@sunnyg_sd cheating on his best actor friend with @vancityreynolds?!” added a crying-emoji.

Gladden replied, assuring his first celebrity bestie, “You still my #1” and adding a kissing-face emoji. 

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