Jamie Foxx Posted First Statement Since Medical Emergency

In mid-April it was revealed that Jamie Foxx had experienced a “medical complication.” Details were not made public. Instead, his family released a statement saying that “due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery.” There haven’t been many updates since then, but nearly three weeks later, Foxx himself took to his Instagram account to offer a very brief but encouraging statement.

“Appreciate all the love!!!” he wrote in the image. “Feeling blessed.”

It’s the first contact Foxx has had with the public since the emergency, and it wasn’t the only one. In his Instagram Story, he thanked Nick Cannon for taking over hosting duties on Beat Shazam, the primetime musical game show Foxx has hosted alongside his daughter Corinne since 2017. Cannon is set to temporarily replace Foxx at an as-yet-revealed date. (Corinne herself is being replaced by Kelly Osborne, at least while her father remain in the hospital.)

It still remains unclear what caused Foxx to receive medical attention. At the time of his hospitalization, he was in Atlanta, Georgia filming Back in Action, an action-comedy for Netflix that also features Cameron Diaz, Glenn Close, and Andrew Scott. The shoot has continued in his absence, with the use of stunt and body doubles. May his recovery be quick.

(Via Variety)

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