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Jackie Chan-Starring ‘A Legend’ Picked up by Distribution Workshop

Distribution Workshop has picked up international sales duties on “A Legend,” the Jackie Chan -starring film.

As previously reported, the film is now in production.

“A Legend” is now pitched as a $50 million sequel to the 2005 action romance “The Myth” that involved both Chan and director Stanley Tong. In previous communication, producer Bona Film Group said that the film was inspired by the earlier film.

The new picture will be the tenth time that Chan and Tong have worked together, following other titles that include “Police Story 3,” “Supercop” and “Vanguard.”

“A Legend” sees Professor Chen, an archaeology expert, notice that the texture on the artifacts discovered by his students during a glacier expedition, is strikingly similar to a jade pendant he had seen in his dreams. The pendant is connecting the realm of dreams to reality. Filled with curiosity, Chen leads a research team on a journey deep into the Glacier Temple, in search of the truth behind his dreams, Distribution Workshop said.

The company will begin licensing the title at the Cannes Market, held on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival. No release date has yet been disclosed.

Chan continues to be a box office draw in Chinese and international cinemas. His most recent film “Ride On,” a somewhat autobiographical comedy drama about stuntmen, spent two weeks on top of the mainland Chinese box office and grossed over $37 million.

Distribution Workshop is also handling sales of another big-budget Chinese-language picture. After several changes of title (among other names, it was previously known as “Be Water, My Friend”), the $40 million Chow Yun-fat-starring film directed by Anthony Pun (“Extraordinary Mission”) is to be known as “One More Chance.” With a screenplay by Felix Chong (“Project Gutenberg,” “Overheard”) and production by Ronald Wong (“Project Gutenberg,” “Overheard”), the film sees a pathological gambling addict find a way to connect with his autistic son.

“One More Chance” is set for release in mainland China on June 21 and in Hong Kong on June 29.

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