Imagine Dragons Perform at WGA Writers’ Strike

A new ally has entered the dragon’s den. The band from every baseball game ever, Imagine Dragons, has shared their support for the WGA writers’ strike on Tuesday when frontman Dan Reynolds joined the picket line performed a concert at the picket line outside of the Netflix HQ in Hollywood. Clips from picketers began circulating online of Reynolds and the band’s guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon standing on a green bench with a microphone, ready to perform for the crowd. They performed four songs: “Believer,” “Radioactive,” “Enemy,” and “Whatever It Takes” for the writers that have been on strike for a week and a half. “I never realized that these songs are all so appropriate,” Reynolds joked during their set. During the band’s time in the picket lines, they let the music do the talking but once the performance was over, Reynolds explained why the band came out to support. “[Writers] deserve to be compensated, so we just wanted to support the cause,” tells Reynolds to actor Atif Hashwi on what motivated them to come out to the picket lines. Vulture has reached out to Imagine Dragon’s reps for comment but in the meantime, they are here to support fellow artists, doing whatever it takes.

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