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How much protein should I eat to gain muscle? Grams per day, explained

Summer is the time of year many of us care especially not just how we feel, but also how we look. We flock to the gym or spend our time exercising outdoors as the weather warms up.

We want the strength and stamina to work and play hard, and the confidence to enter a room and feel good about our appearance.

Though aerobic exercise and physical fitness are paramount, the food we eat to fuel such activity matters even more. A balanced diet helps with everyday health and function, but protein is the nutrient required for muscle maintenance and growth. 

What is protein? 

Proteins are complex molecules made up of smaller building blocks called amino acids. All together, they make up a macronutrient that’s vital for cell growth and repair − working to improve function, structure and regulation of one’s organs and one’s body tissue. 

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