Draymond Got Schröder Ejected By Holding Basketball To Face

Earlier on Friday evening, Dennis Schröder got a technical foul for an incident with Draymond Green in which Green hit the deck and Schröder decided to stand over him and laugh. It was a bit harsh, but it was the kind of thing that will almost always get a guy T’d up in a basketball game.

Fast forward to the third quarter and a second incident involving the two players led to a pair of technical fouls getting assessed, which meant that Schröder’s night came to a premature end. Anthony Davis converted an alley-oop by LeBron James, then stole the ensuing inbounds pass, which led to Green fouling him to prevent a second dunk in about three seconds.

Schröder went over to Green and flexed a little, and in return, Green did not appear to do anything other than take the basketball that was in his hands and put it right up against Schröder’s lips. He held it there for a few seconds before a ref came in and issued a single technical foul to Schröder.

It was eventually determined that Green would also get a technical foul for this, but not until after Schröder made his way into the locker room to watch the rest of the game.

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