Dominic Fike Reveals ‘Sunburn’ With A Teaser Clip

Dominic Fike made a name for himself last year with his major role on Euphoria. However, he ensured to let the audience know that he plays music, too, by unexpectedly performing an entire song on the season finale.

Last month, Fike shared a new song called “Dancing In The Courthouse,” a victorious anthem that dipped its toes in rap. However, he’s back today with a teaser clip for a new album that he’s just announced is called Sunburn, and it has Fike diving headfirst into hip-hop as an unreleased track plays in the background. After an intense minute-long flow, he repeats in a Mac Miller-esque deadpan, “When I die, baby / Lay me in the sun.”

In November of last year, Fike talked about the new album while playing a show in Seattle. “It’s obviously been a while since I’ve toured. It’s been a while since I’ve released music,” he said. “I don’t stop working. I don’t go out or anything, so the only thing I do is make music, so I have like four albums. … I have this new album that comes out really soon. It’s really good. It’s very honest. I think the world is missing honesty.”

Check out the Sunburn teaser above.

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