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Chelsea Handler Delivers Topless PSA Urging Men To Get Vasectomies

In a new Instagram reel captioned “Men, it’s time to do your part,” the comedian dished out a stern yet hilarious PSA urging men to consider getting vasectomies as a practical way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Handler — who referred to herself as “Chesty Handlerberg” in a video posted Sunday that’s since garnered over 3 million views — had much to say about how women are disproportionately responsible for birth control.

“Since the beginning of time, women have been ducking and diving and dodging pregnancy face-first — or Pikachu-first — and, frankly, they’re exhausted,” she said while simultaneously giving herself a breast exam in bed.

“We’ve had to listen to men say things like, ‘Girl, but using a condom doesn’t feel so good,’ or ’Can’t you just take birth control?” Or “Oops, I forgot to pull out.” Enough, you little horny little pigs in blankets,” she added.

The Netflix star — who also endorsed the “Free The Nipple” campaign empowering women to go topless in public — described the physical pain and negative hormonal effects contraceptives such as IUDs can cause women.

“Women are tired of making concessions for men, especially in the bedroom,” Handler added. “We have already been through enough, letting you wear socks while you penetrate us. So man up, men. And if you can’t do that, enjoy the company of your hand.”

The former late-night talk show host then wrapped up her unorthodox PSA with a final message: “Vasectomies. One snip and that’s it!”

A vasectomy, a quick medical sterilization procedure for men to prevent future pregnancies, is safe and highly effective, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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