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Chase Sui Wonders Details ‘Very Sacred’ Relationship With Pete Davidson

Chase Sui Wonders says dating Pete Davidson is “sacred” — but also “like a video game.”

The actor first met Davidson while filming the A24 horror film “Bodies Bodies Bodies” (2022) but reunited for lighter fare in this year’s Peacock series “Bupkis.” They’ve reportedly been dating since January.

“We talk about everything, and we are very open with each other about everything, and it feels like what’s happening in our relationship is very sacred,” Wonders told Nylon in a profile published Tuesday.

“The first initial shock was super disorienting, but after that it just becomes … it’s like a video game,” she continued. “It feels like another weird player came into the video game. I feel like I’m still on my own path. My life hasn’t changed that much.”

The couple sparked dating rumors when they were seen dining together in January and confirmed as much by kissing at Universal Studios that month. They’ve since vacationed in Hawaii together and visited the farm of one Martha Stewart — who called them a “very cute couple.”

“[Pete and I] became fast friends on ‘Bodies,’ and it was just clear that we could work together super well,” Wonders told Nylon. “He’s such a pro, and acting with him is my favorite thing. As soon as I got onto ‘Bupkis,’ it felt like we were flowing again.”

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders have reportedly been dating since the beginning of the year.

Rosalind O’Connor/Peacock/Getty Images

The Peacock series is loosely based on Davidson’s life in Staten Island and chronicles a heightened version of his acting career and substance abuse. It stars Edie Falco as his mother, Joe Pesci as his grandfather — and Wonders as his girlfriend.

“The relationship’s a lot less toxic in ‘Bupkis’ than it is in ‘Bodies,’ which is a lot more fun to play,” Wonders told Nylon. “But even in ‘Bodies,’ we would do all those dark scenes and then we’d be like, ‘This shit’s crazy! This is so dark.’”

“Bupkis,” on the other hand, is more autobiographical.

“We’re playing complicated people who have a deep, deep love for one another just trying to figure themselves out along the way and be delicate with each other,” Wonders told Nylon. “That’s where the beauty comes in.”

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