Charles Barkley Pranked As He Wears Big ‘Inside The NBA’ Hat

Folks, this blog is being written at 1:21 a.m. EST, you know that can only mean one thing: Something silly happened on Inside the NBA. Following a pair of stinkers in the NBA in which the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets took care of business against the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns, respectively, the fellas turned to the segment “EJ’s Neato Stat of the Night,” which revolved around the guys getting a bunch of customized hats.

This ended up being pretty silly, in large part because Shaquille O’Neal‘s hat had a picture of Shaq as Shrek on it, a long-running bit on the show that the big man hates. And then, things really escalated when one of those big hats that you have surely seen around got handed to Charles Barkley, who threw it on and laughed at it. “I look like a damn idiot,” Barkley said.

And then, things escalated even more when Ernie Johnson very obviously hinted that they were going to drop things on Chuck’s head, which Chuck did not realize, because he was too focused on how he couldn’t see anything. This meant he was ultra-surprised when a bunch of ping pong balls were dumped on him.

Ernie’s laugh here really tells the whole story, because he very rarely busts out laughing this hard. As always, Inside the NBA is the best show on television.

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