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Bad Bunny Put On A Show During His Match At WWE Backlash

Back in March, it was announced that WWE would head to Puerto Rico for Backlash, marking the first time since January of 2005 that WWE would hold an event on the island. Unsurprisingly, it was revealed that Bad Bunny would be part of the proceedings, as the world famous artist and native of Puerto Rico has a rich history with the promotion and has turned himself into one of the best wrestlers among the celebrities who have stepped into the squared circle.

WWE set things up for Bunny to step into the ring at Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot for a San Juan Street Fight against Judgement Day’s Damian Priest, with whom he teamed at WrestleMania 37. Unsurprisingly, the crowd was electric as he made his way to the ring to his 2017 single “Chambea.”

Bunny, right out of the gate, showed off his chops in the ring, hitting Priest with a Michinoku driver.

The match eventually spilled to the outside of the ring, where Bunny hit Priest with a crossbody from the top rope.

Bunny was able to go to his shopping cart full of weapons and take it to Priest with some trash can lids and a kendo stick. After Priest got the kendo stick away from him, Bunny hit him with a Falcon Arrow for a two count, and eventually, Priest was able to pull a fast one on him by getting him out of the ring and throwing a big boot through a garbage can.

From there, Priest hit Bunny with both a garbage can lid and a kendo stick before things spilled into the crowd. While there, Priest was able to land a Broken Arrow through a table before throwing Bunny over his shoulder and carrying him back to ringside.

After ducking out of the path of a kick from Priest that hit the turnbuckle, Bunny started to attack his left leg, which included a kendo stick right to the ankle. He wrapped a chain around Priest’s ankle and pulled his leg into a turnbuckle, then smashed his leg with a chair. Eventually, Priest’s Judgement Day partners, Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio, ran in to interfere, only for Rey Mysterio to come to Bunny’s aid. While that wasn’t enough, Carlito made a cameo in a Latino World Order shirt to lend a hand, which ended with Rey hitting Dominik with a 619 and Carlito spitting an apple in his face. While Judgement Day were attempting to retreat, Savio Vega came out with Latino World Order to take them out.

Back in the ring, Bunny threw a figure four on Priest and attacked his injured leg, which led to him nearly tapping out. Priest was ultimately able to get out of it, but Bunny countered for a near-fall, and after Priest went head-first into a chair stuck in the corner, Bunny landed a Sliced Bread #2 for another near-fall. To get the pinfall, Bunny landed a Canadian Destroyer, which was a callback to his match at WrestleMania 37.

The LWO came out after with a Puerto Rican flag for Bunny, who celebrated while the crowd sang along to his entrance music. While this did not close the night, this will go down as one of the most entertaining matches in WWE this year.

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