Antony Starr Nails What Makes Homelander Click

The Boys‘ baddest supe, Homelander is a role that any actor would relish, although it’s hard to imagine anyone pulling off the role like Antony Starr does. Or really going for it like Starr does, either.

Homelander has gone increasingly off the rails and more sadistic with each passing season, and Starr is no spring chicken to acting (his performance in Banshee is great, too), but he actually “never wanted to be an actor.” That’s the revelation that surfaced above (in a clip from Amazon Prime Video) while Starr and Karl Urban enjoyed a meeting of the Kiwi minds in conversation.

Starr continued: “I didn’t know about the film industry. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m gonna do when I grow up.”

This led to a chuckle from Urban, who reflected upon why this actually makes sense. “I think that’s what makes your character so vibrant and so scary,” he observed. “You just have no idea of what you’re gonna do at any particular juncture.”

To that, Starr agreed wholeheartedly, and Urban further reflected, “And that translates to the audience.”

Well said, and to be perfectly clear, Starr is incredibly talented, but he does have a knack for making it seem like Homelander has no idea what he’s doing and, as a result, is frequently covering his own ass. This vibe probably also translated to poor Timothy the Octopus. RIP.

Ideally, Antony Starr will see an Emmy nomination this year for his performance. Voting will begin for those nods on June 15.

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