‘America Decides’ Made Viewers SO Stressed

This wasn’t quite the penultimate episode of Succession, but that’s coming next week, and before then, you’ll receive another Report Card from Brian Grubb. First, we’ve coming up on “Election Night,” and the first one without Logan Roy at the helm. Somehow, they still haven’t buried the guy (wait for it next week), but tensions were high for this episode, to say the very least.

Election night was absolute chaos with a malfunctioning touchscreen, a fire in Milwaukee, another fight between Shiv and Tom, and Greg letting it slip to Tom that Shiv is colluding with the Bleeding Swede, which is especially interesting information to land after the horrible scorpion-snake fight. And that doesn’t even account for the “wasabi in my eyes!” scene. Alright, so it was lemon, but that’s still not a good time.

Who had the worst night? I’m gonna go with Shiv. Between Tom accusing her of “sort-of killing” Logan and him kind-of not believing that she’s pregnant, and Kendall finding out about her deal with Matsson, mannn. She’s gonna need even more therapy than she could probably use on a regular day.

Overall, people were so damn nervous while watching the chaos unfold.

That damn touch screen got things started on the wrong note:

Then there was the amped-up tension of Shiv revealing her pregnancy to Tom on Mother’s Day and Tom questioning if she was even telling the truth.

‘Twas quite an evening. Next week: Logan’s funeral!

HBO’s ‘Succession’ airs on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.

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